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Paradice Sport's Evolution

The saga of Paradice Sport, a Netherlands-based figure skating brand, starts in 2020. Founded by a trio of athletes – Leri Kenchadze, George Kenchadze and Marieke Kenchadze-Beks – the lifelong dream of creating their own unique concept, became reality.

The Genesis (2020-2021)

In 2020, Paradice Sport introduced its debut collection in figure skating clothing, Black Diamond, focusing on elegance and simplicity. With products ranging from tops and leggings to skirts and accessories, Paradice Sport found the perfect mix between elegance, luxury and affordability.

As time flowed, the influence of Paradice Sport grew and a global community bound by positivity and encouragement was founded. Even through the global Corona pandemic, the positive spirit of the community could not be broken. Innovative ideas such as virtual seminars, online off-ice trainings and remote coaching proved to be the way to go. Everything to keep young and ambitious athletes on the path forward!

A Pivot (2021)

During the pandemic period and the challenges it brought, change was brewing within Paradice Sport. The brand's essence deepened, leading to an extensive period of soul-searching and rebranding. This evolution is proof of the growth that defines Paradice Sport.

Welcome back to Paradice Sport (2023 and Beyond)

And then it was 2023. Paradice Sport is ready to launch a new chapter. Fueled by a commitment to excellence and a deep passion for figure skating and its community, the brand's focus shifts. From solely offering skating apparel, Paradice Sport now focusses on organizing high-level training camps in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Guided by the seasoned expertise of Paradice Sport Coaches, participants will join the journey to technical finesse and artistic brilliance. Of course, the popular clothing items will not disappear. Check out the most popular items from the Black Diamond collection AND the all new items form our new VISION collection in our shop area!