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Paradice Sport Camps

Please take note that there are currently no camps open for registration. You can, however, fill up the subscribe form below to receive an informational e-mail as soon as a new camp has been announced. Amount of participants will be limited!

Unleash Your Figure Skating Potential: Join Our Camp

Step into a world of figure skating excellence at our upcoming camp, led by renowned coach Leri Kenchadze and his expert team. Elevate your skills, ignite your passion, and experience the joy of figure skating like never before.

Perfecting Technique: Jumps and Spins

Explore the art of multi-rotation jumps and master the finesse of different (combination)spins. Our skilled coaches will guide you in perfecting these essential techniques, as well as exploring a fitting performance style.

Expressive Choreography: Telling Stories Through Movement

Dive into the magic of choreography! Learn to show emotions through body language and create captivating routines that resonate with audiences.

Complete Performance: Skills, Transitions, and Music

Unlock the secrets of seamless transitions, performance dynamics, and musical interpretation. Craft performances that leave a lasting impression.

Off-Ice Strength: Building Fitness

Take your training beyond the rink with intensive off-ice workouts. Strengthen your body and enhance your skating abilities.

As a testament to your growth, each participant will receive an official certificate. A group photo and video session makes sure your journey will truly never be forgotten. Join us and let the ice become your stage of excellence!

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    Want to collaborate with us for the organization of a camp? Cool! Please reach out to us via info@paradicesport.com or via WhatsApp. We’re more than excited to explore all possibilities and creative ideas with you. Let’s organize something amazing!


    Leri Kenchadze
    Professional Figure Skater

    Recipient of numerous national titles, participant in prestigious World and European championships, and victorious in various international tournaments.

    Marieke Kenchadze
    Professional Latin Dancer

    Experienced Latin dancer, champion in Benelux and national competitions, participant in World Championships and featured performer with André Rieu.