• Black Diamond Gloves

    16,9919,99 Inc. Vat

    Express every small detail of your choreography until your fingertips with Black Diamond gloves! The perfect finishing touch for any athletes of any level and style. The spandex and polyester materials ensure a feather-like weight, while still protecting your hands from the ice and coldness. Are you next to shine?

    Material: polyester & spandex.

  • Black Diamond Headband

    19,00 Inc. Vat

    The black diamond headband ensures nice and warm ears during your trainings, outdoor runs or dance class. The double layer of polyester guarantees warmth and a strong hold, while still allowing the skin to breath. By far the best accessory against bad hair days!

    Materials: polyester & elastane

  • Vision Drawstring Bag

    19,99 Inc. Vat

    A big sports bag comes in handy when travelling to trainings, especially when you’ve got many accessories to take with you. The vision sports bag fits in everything you need, up to 12 liters! Made from sturdy cotton, the vision bag can easily be cleaned or washed, as well as folded and stored away. Which color suits you best?

    Material: 100% cotton. Dimensions: 46×36 cm. Content: 12 liters.

  • Vision Water Bottle

    19,99 Inc. Vat

    Did you already drink enough water today? Stay hydrated with our vision water bottle! The thick glass is covered with a fitted and soft sleeve, that creates a comfy layer between your hands and your drink of choice. The carrying strap makes it easy to attach the bottle to your (skating)bag or backpack, to make sure that hydration is always within an arm’s reach!

    Capacity: 500ml, glass. Dimensions: 22 x 6.7 cm

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