Posture Corrector

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A beautiful posture is a must for any figure skater or dancer. This posture corrector is the perfect solution for any posture problem. Train your posture gradually to be in a correct, straight and elegant position. It can be worn directly on the skin, or on top of clothing. Made with the highest quality materials.

Benefits of using our product:

  • Poor posture is improved and corrected.
  • Shows a positive effect with regular use.
  • Corrects a hunchback.
  • Fiber materials
  • High-elastic additives, to enhance elasticity.
  • Unisex.


  • Use for a minimum of 15 minutes, maximum a few hours a day.
  • Dry it in a cool place after hand washing.
  • When wearing, do not pull too hard to avoid damage to the product.
  • Do not use dryer.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not wear at night.


  • One Size – Radius of arm holes 41 cm, full length 24 cm
  • One Size
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Package includes:

  • 1 posture corrector
  • Extra surprise

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One Size




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