UNIQ – Customized figure skating clothing

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Introducing: UNIQ – Customized figure skating clothing

Since the very start, our team has been listening carefully to the wishes, opinions and desires of our fans, followers and customers. We take this very seriously, since you form the fundament of our brand. Paradice Sport aspires to become a brand for all, but without losing uniqueness. UNIQ is a way of expressing yourself and showing your identity to the people around you. This newly introduced service provides you with the opportunity to customize your apparel with 3 brand-new options. You can now choose to have your initials, the initials of your (home) country or a beautiful and simplistic pattern embellished on your apparel with Swarovski® crystals.

How do I choose UNIQ customization?
You can easily access the UNIQ service through all the product pages. Next to the sizing options, you will find a dropdown menu where you can choose your desired option. Don’t want UNIQ customization? No worries, just select “Without Swarovski® Elements”. When choosing for name or country initials, please specify the initials you would like to be added to your apparel in the ‘Order Notes’ text field at the checkout page.

A little example:
Is your name Lydia Hughes* and do you live in the United Kingdom? Then you can choose to have your initials ‘LH’ or your country initials ‘UK’ embellished on your item of choice! Not in the mood for initials but still want extra crystals? Choose ‘With Swarovski® Elements’!

Do you have any questions regarding our customization service? Feel free to contact our team by email on info@paradicesport.com

Customized figure skating clothing


Note: ordered items with UNIQ customization can not be returned or refunded.

* The name used in this example is fictional